What to Wear to a Formal Black-Tie Event

Even though summer just ended, before you know it, you’ll be invited to holiday parties. As such, you should be prepared with your wardrobe so that you’ll have something appropriate and stylish to wear to these functions.

If you notice ‘formal’ or back-tie’ on the invitation, you’re going to want to keep a few factors in mind so that you make sure to show up wearing the appropriate attire.

Forget the Rented Dinner Jacket

Once you’ve identified that a formal tuxedo is requested for the event, you need to make sure whatever suit you get makes you look good. This means forget about renting anything – instead you should ideally invest in a classic tuxedo that is tailored specifically to your body to ensure the perfect fit. A tuxedo never goes out of style, so there’s no need to worry about it becoming obsolete. The best local men’s tailoring store will help ensure the suit you get fits you like a glove.

Single-breasted tuxedos tend to be slimming – consider opting for one or two buttons and a peak lapel. If you choose a double-breasted jacket, make sure to keep it buttoned up. As well, consider wearing a white pocket square in your breast pocket.

Other Quick Tips

When choosing a tuxedo, be sure that you match the jacket lapels to the braiding on the pants. Avoid vents in the dinner jacket, and make sure your shirt always has a turn-down collar. Finally, your pants should feature plain hemmed bottoms with no turn-ups.

Scarves, Shawls and Wedding Fashion and Your Must Have Accessories

While the basics seem to stay the same, such as the inclusion of cakes, flowers, and music, wedding fashions are always changing. If you are planning a wedding in 2009, here are a few tips on what is hot this year in wedding fashions and what to avoid.

One of the most popular trends this year is in the use of feathers. While you certainly do not want to go overboard and appear like a bird, you can add some flair with a few well-placed feathers. Just keep it understated. Consider using them as a hair accessory or as a small detail on your gown.

As far as fabrics, the trend has turned away from traditional silk. More gowns are designed with embroidered tulle and cotton lace. Another specific aspect of the gowns to notice is the embellishments. Ribbons, beading, bows, and the ever-present lace are some of the favorites. The subtle details are very feminine, but also exude elegance and grace. The trick is to find a look that is flattering, but not overdone.

One of the most popular styles this year is the single shouldered dress. A carry over from the winter season, this really chic and very modern style seems to appeal to those who favor a less traditional look for their gowns. This is also the case with shorter wedding dresses as well. Fitted bodices and full skirts at or above the knee are very popular. If you are planning a casual, outdoor ceremony, these can be just the ticket to a very stylish wedding. There will always be the need for the full, formal, floor length gowns for the classic, formal ceremony.

When it comes to colors, white will always be in style, but there is also a turn to the pastels. Your bridesmaids, however, will love the new, bold looks for the season. Cobalt blues, kelly greens, and canary yellows are very popular and will create a fabulous dramatic effect. The champagne colored gowns for the bridesmaids are definitely out. If you want your bridesmaids in one of these neutral colors, you add color with pretty sashes or hair accessories, such a brightly colored scarf.

When it comes to your own wedding fashion, however, it really is a matter of personal taste. Many little girls start planning their weddings from a very young age and dream for years about what it will look like. If your heart is set on a certain style, fabric, or color, then wear it. This is one of the most important days of your life, and you deserve to wear what makes you happy. You don’t want to make all your decisions based on what is considered in style for the year. When you choose the fashion for your wedding, make sure it’s what you want to wear and not what society tells you is best.

Fashion and Furniture Tip – Three Ways to Buy Cheap Furniture

Before any refurnishing or decorating can be done, you must know how much you can spend on furniture. Unfortunately, after the budget deliberation with your spouse, most are confronted with not much of an amount to spend with.

Where can I find cheap furniture? Or, most aptly, is it still possible to find cheap, quality furniture nowadays? Finding the right furniture that is comfortable with your butt cheek and your budget is not a concern which is unique only to certain individuals. Let’s face it, not everyone leaves home every morning to head for work in three-hundred plus floor building or tower and comes home every night six-digit figure richer.

The truth is, times are hard. We want to get as much as we can with what little that we have. However, if money is hard to come by these days, so are quality furniture! Therefore, here are four ways to buy cheap quality furniture.

1. Try garage sales
Although it is quite difficult for some to swallow their pride, garage sales are actually excellent places to start hunting for cheap quality furniture. Why? Most homeowners in rich, plush neighborhoods change furniture at least once in every two years. Most homeowners who can afford to actually change pieces of furniture to match new draperies, new carpets or new room color schemes. Thus, most furniture in these garage sales have only been slightly used. Most likely too, the owners would not mind handing it to you at a cheap price – just as long as they can get rid of it fast enough to make space for their new home improvements.

2. Consider RTA or KD furniture
If you have not tried yet, consider buying Ready-To-Assemble furniture or Knock Down furniture. They are functional, cheap and most of these are made of high quality – though synthetic – materials.

3. Search the internet
The internet is such a rich resource for furniture and home fixtures. Browsing or window shopping for furniture online saves you the gas mileage and the trouble of having to go through brick-and-mortar furniture shops which only allow you as much designs and prices range as their shop space – and shop rental – can afford to offer. However, with internet furniture shops, the virtual space allows for endless items to be displayed online. Therefore, not only are you privileged to choose from as much as 30,000 furniture items online, you can also go directly to the items of the price range you can afford.

Fashion and Design Jobs

If you are specialized in fashion, chances of you to get employed are very high. There are numerous design jobs around the world, even if it does not mean setting up your own clothing line. People who are expertise in fashion industry to be employed or get jobs as:

Head of Designer
Getting a position as a head or chief designer in a certain company is not hard. There are very many companies around the world searching for qualified designers to mentor and give special instructions in their organizations.

Fashion designers are usually very good in styling. They spend most of their time pairing the cloth they make with makeup, hair and accessories. This really helps them in progressing in their careers and can lead them into getting employed in various companies as stylist to give advices on how one can give complete a look.

This is as well in the category of fashion jobs. Fashion designers can also take jobs as consultants, by working intimately with related companies, to keep them aware of new styles and methods. This is one way they can earn money without even been permanently employed.

A fashion designer, who has knowledge in journalism, can be paid by a certain company to share his or her skills and advices as a style or editor for a printing or web magazine.

Owner of a boutique
Most newbie professionals prefer opening and managing their boutiques. This is another way of earning money through this career. They choose to design and sell their own clothes to local retailers or consumers. Other open fashion and design boutique to give other designers a chance to offer their clothes for selling or display.


When one is employed in clothing company as a fashion designer, or when that person opens his or her boutique, he or she is entitled to the following duties;


Fashion designers select marketing their own designs at fashion and trade shows. This is one method of advertisement and by doing so; many retailers place their orders on anything they want.

Choosing materials

Most designers pay visits to several fabric manufacturing companies or trade shows to decide and select the best fabric and patterns to use for making their preliminary designs out of them. While doing so, they note down all types of fabric they came across, and what is the best one to use for making a certain design.

Fashions and design jobs can only be helpful to a person who is good in draping, pattern making, have fashion and design experience and able to find the best geographical sites, to sell their designs. Those are just some few requirements for any person who is planning to get entry to any fashion and design Company but they are just a few but to mention.